Applied Communications
Telecommunications - Broadband Planning Services

Applied Communications, LLC can help communities participate in the new global economy. Local leaders can keep pace with rapid technological change and create a community vision for telecommunications through strategic planning. Ms. McMahon has a Masters Degree in Education Technology and Communication from George Washington University. She has been working in this field since 1997.   Telecommunication - broadband planning services include:


  • Community-wide Needs Assessment & Strategic Plans
  • Market Analysis
  • Workshops, training, & presentations
  • Surveys
  • Research

Montana Broadband Regional Planning Meetings (2011)
In the fall of 2011, AppCom worked with the State Broadband Program to conduct 14 regional meetings around the state.   The meetings included presentations on broadband applications and the broadband mapping program.   Attendees participated in interactive exercises and dissusions to identify issues, opportunities and priorities in each region.   The information from the meetings was compiled into regional action plans. 

Montana Broadband Planning Needs Assessment  (2011)
AppCom worked with the Montana Department of Commerce to conduct a needs assessment on broadband planning priorities in the state.  The needs assessment included a telephone survey of economic development officials, broadband providers and other stakeholders.  It also include a review of broadband planning activities in other states.  The needs assessment will assist the Dept. of Commerce in developing a work program to carry out broadband planning activities that are being funded through a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).   

Montana & North Dakota Broadband Mapping Projects (2010)
Appcom was on the project team, headed by TetraTech, for the Montana and North Dakota statewide broadband mapping projects.  The states received funding from the National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration (NTIA) to undertake an effort to gather data on availability, speed, location, and type of broadband services.  The data will be displayed in NTIA's national broadband map, a tool that will inform policymaker's efforts and provide consumers with improved information on the broadband Internet services available to them. 

 American Planning Association - Infrastructure Task Force - Telecommunications Co-Chair (2009 - 2010)

Ms. McMahon chair the Technology and Telecommunications Sub-Committee of the American Planning Association National Infrastructure Task Force.  The Task Force relased its report in October, 2010

Marshfield, WI - Telecommunications Strategic Plan

AppCom completed a strategic plan for the City of Marshfield including a needs analysis, identification of strategies and preliminary evaluation of priority projects for expanding broadband services in the area.

Central Idaho Telecommunications Strategic Plan
Partnered with Access Consulting to develop wide area networking strategies for a five county area in central Idaho.  Preliminary network designs were developed for a wireless network, satellite back-haul for remote areas and future fiber backbone services.

Telemedicine & Home Health Care Need Assessment
The needs assessment is part of a USDA-sponsored "Advanced Telemedical Rual Health Care Delivery System Project".  The needs assessment evaluates the demand for these services particularly in rural areas.  It explores the potential applications of various telemedicine technologies as well as examines potential barriers to using telemedicine options in a home health care setting. 

Publicly Owned Broadband Networks Database
Applied Communications has created a searchable database to collect planning information on publicly owned broadband and municipal networks.  The data can assist policy makers conduct trends analysis and help municipalities locate information on similar projects throughout the country.  The database includes information on costs, business models, penetration rates and potential funding  sources.   Findings on this research were presented at the Washington Association for Telecommunications Officers and Administrator's Annual Conference. (June 2005)  and the Rural Telecommunications Congress Annual Conference (2005) 

Rusk County, WI - Small Business Innovation Research Grant - Mesh Wireless Study
Applied Communications was part of a team working on a Phase 1 Feasibility study for a mesh wireless network in Rusk County, WI. The project is funded through a Small Business Innovative Research grant. The mesh wireless network would provide high-speed Internet (10 mbps) that covers the entire County.   Applied Communications conducted the marketing analysis for the study while other team members focused on the actual network engineering, technology, software, and support systems that would be necessary to make this design feasible.


University of Dayton - Technology Opportunity Grant

 Applied Communications completed a TOP grant application for the University of Dayton Law Clinic and the Ohio Legal Aid office. The grant proposal was for a video-conference network connecting rural courthouses to the University of Dayton Law Clinic where law students can advise low-income clients.

National Telecommunications Infrastructure - Technology Opportunity Program - Grant Reviewer

Conducted lead review on seven applications and supplemental reviews on 20 additional grant applications. Participated in a two-day session to rank applications based on NTIA criteria for awarding TOP grants.

Telecommunications Strategic Planning - Morgan County, CO,Telecommunications Region of East Central Colorado (TRECC),Door County, WI, Juneau County, Sandpoint, ID & Havre, MT 

Applied Communications has completed telecommunications strategic plans for all of these communities. The planning involved a four part process:  Inventory, Community Survey, Market Analysis, and Action Plan. 

Colorado Multi-Use Network Network Implementation Plans - Pitkin, Fremont, Eagle, Garfield, Custer, Morgan, Yuma, Lincoln, Kit Carson, Cheyenne and Sedgwick Counties and TREC 

In 2000 the State of Colorado provided funding for localities to prepare Network Implementation Plans that would indicate how local public offices could connect to the State multi-use network. The State of Colorado used the methodology for the plans that was developed by Applied Communications as a model for all counties. Applied Communications prepared the Network Implementation Plans for eight individual counties as well as the five-county TRECC region.

Iowa Department of Economic Development - Telecommunications Training 

Applied Communications conducted a two-day workshop for economic development officials regarding the skills necessary to conduct a technology needs assessment for their communities. Applied Communications developed a curriculum that focused on the strategic planning process and the specific techniques necessary to undertake this effort. Workshop materials provided participants with resources and tools they could use to complete a strategic plan.

Northwest Wyoming Economic Development Coalition - Telecommunications Study
In 1997, NWEDC contracted with Applied Communications to work with local officials in a five county area to identify strategies for upgrading telecommunication services. The study included a telecommunications inventory, market survey and action plan. Applied Communications worked with representatives from business, education, local government, health, and telecommunication industries to formulate the plan.


Colorado Rural Technology Academy
The Colorado Rural Technology Program conducted a pilot Rural Technology Academy Conference for local community leaders in Sterling, Colorado. The purpose of the academy was to raise the awareness of rural telecommunication issues and help local towns position themselves to take advantage of State efforts to bring high speed Internet access to rural areas. Ms. McMahon of Applied Communications was a featured speaker and conducted a morning workshop on telecommunication basics as well as an overview of the planning process.