Applied Communications
Telecommunications - Broadband Planning Services

Applied Communications, LLC can help communities participate in the new global economy. Local leaders can keep pace with rapid technological change and create a community vision for telecommunications through strategic planning. Ms. McMahon has a Masters Degree in Education Technology and Communication from George Washington University. She has been working in this field since 1997.   Telecommunication - broadband planning services include:


  • Community-wide Needs Assessment & Strategic Plans
  • Market Analysis
  • Workshops, training, & presentations
  • Surveys
  • Research

Missoula, MT Open Access FiberNetwork Master Plan (2015)

Ms. McMahon was on the team that developed a master plan and feasibility study for 
a community open access network in Missoula.

American Planning Association(2015)

Co-chair of Smart City and Sustainability Task Force.  Contributor to White paper on 
Smart Cities and presented findings at the 2015 national APA conference.

Bozeman, MT Fiber Master Planand Feasibility Study (2014)

Ms. McMahon was on the team that developed a master plan and feasibility study for 
a community open access network in Bozeman. Phase 1 of the project has been constructed.

Montana Broadband Planning - Tribal Outreach (2012-2014)
Organized andconducted a Tribal Broadband Summit in Great Falls in the fall of 2012.   Organizing outreach meetings on eachreservation from 2013 to 2014.   Compiled a report on tribal broadband initiatives in Montana.   Organized roundtable disscussions on Tribal Radio and other topics for the program. 

American Planning Association - Planning Advisory Service Research Report (2012)

Co-Authored report, "Planning and Broadband: Infrastructure, Policy and Sustainability" for the American Planning Association.   Included research on broadband planing, broadband and economic development and broadband and sustainability practices.   Report is available at: or from   

Montana Broadband Regional Planning Meetings (2011)
In the fall of 2011, AppCom worked with the State Broadband Program to conduct 14 regional meetings around the state.   The meetings included presentations on broadband applications and the broadband mapping program.   Attendees participated in interactive exercises and dissusions to identify issues, opportunities and priorities in each region.   The information from the meetings was compiled into regional action plans. 

Montana Broadband Planning Needs Assessment  (2011)
AppCom worked with the Montana Department of Commerce to conduct a needs assessment on broadband planning priorities in the state.  The needs assessment included a telephone survey of economic development officials, broadband providers and other stakeholders.  It also include a review of broadband planning activities in other states.  The needs assessment will assist the Dept. of Commerce in developing a work program to carry out broadband planning activities that are being funded through a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).   

Montana & North Dakota Broadband Mapping Projects (2010 - 2014)
Appcom was on the project team, headed by TetraTech, for the Montana and North Dakota statewide broadband mapping projects.  The states received funding from the National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration (NTIA) to undertake an effort to gather data on availability, speed, location, and type of broadband services.  The data will be displayed in NTIA's national broadband map, a tool that will inform policymaker's efforts and provide consumers with improved information on the broadband Internet services available to them.